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Our operation and values

Annantalo is an arts centre for children, young people and families in Helsinki. Annantalo is a venue for art education, exhibitions and performances, events and workshops. Annantalo is also a venue for seminars and training courses that promote children's culture.

Art education

Art education at Annantalo includes learning the expressive language and techniques of art and being closely connected with the surrounding culture. Teachers at Annantalo are professional artists and/or art pedagogues. Each year, about 10,000 children and young people who live in Helsinki take part in education at Annantalo.

In the daytime, during school terms, the building is filled with school children who attend 5x2 art education. Cultural courses targeted at secondary schools and upper secondary schools mainly take place at schools and art adventures offered to day care groups at the premises of day care centres. In addition to art education, performances, exhibition tours and workshops are also offered to school classes and day care groups. Annantalo maintains the network service targeted at teachers and day care professionals. Courses are organised in the evenings, on weekends and during vacations for children and young people who are involved with art.

Exhibitions and events

Exhibitions at Annantalo always deal with topics that are relevant for children and young people, and their objective is to provide art education. The gallery is reserved for Annantalo’s own use. Smaller exhibitions can be held in the glazed areas at the ends of the 2nd floor and in the corridor. The exhibitions are produced mainly by Annantalo or in cooperation with other operators. In addition, the café is suitable for illustration exhibitions, for example. Suggestions that meet the above criteria can be sent to Harri Piispanen, Cultural Producer, who is responsible for the exhibitions,

In addition to individual events, Annantalo’s programme contains standard activities targeted at children and young people of various age as well as families and programme that is related to the events of the City of Helsinki. The spring festival at Annantalo includes performances of their own dance and theatre groups. In the summer time, the A●lava stage in the back yard opens up with versatile programme for young people as well as  families and other residents of Helsinki.

Virtual Annantalo 

Annantalo invites everyone to enter the world of art online as well.

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Our values

The operations in Annantalo are organised both internally and in cooperation with various parties. The principle is to create a favourable atmosphere and conditions for children and young people to experience art and culture, and to be able to actively participate and see art and culture in Helsinki. The aim is that children and young people become competent operators within the city’s artistic and cultural life.

The values of Annantalo include accessibility, equality, child-orientation, openness and the presence of art. For administrative purposes, Annantalo is a part of the City of Helsinki Cultural Services.

AnkkuriGuided tours and house presentations

We are renewing our guided tours and presentations, and will inform about those in early 2024.

Contact: Director Pirjetta Mulari,

our projects

We want to make the world a better place – with the help of art! We initiate and participate in art education projects for children and young people.

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our networks

Annantalo is a member in the Finnish Network of Children's Cultural Centres. We are also member of the International Artistic Association Small Size.

Gems of Annantalo HIstory

Playing with Picasso and the Dog Who Died presents productions and projects from Annantalo's 35-year journey since 1987. Click to download the pdf.

every home is for art making!

Easy instructions on shared art activities for children and adults in alla kinds of homes. The book is in Finnish.

Download pdf

Virtual Annantalo

Annantalo online! Come and see what Virtual Annantalo has to offer.

a little bit of history

Where did Annantalo get its name from? What kind of people lived in the neighbourhood in the olden days? Did you know that Annantalo was a highly modern building in 1880’s?

A-lava and Annantalo Summer Yard

Events throughout the summer.


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City of Helsinki Promotes Art, Culture and Creativity

The City of Helsinki strives to develop the Helsinki region into a culturally rich area by promoting the arts, culture and creativity. To this end, the City provides numerous services to residents, including cultural events, performances, exhibitions, courses and education in the arts. With these services, the City of Helsinki aims to ensure that its culture is diverse and accessible to everyone.

The City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division operates a total of eight cultural centres: Annantalo, Caisa, Kanneltalo, Malmitalo, Maunula House, Stoa, Savoy Theatre and Vuosaari House. Cultural centres offer residents of Helsinki a variety of cultural services, such as concerts, theatre performances, exhibitions, children’s events and arts education. Espa Stage also offers outdoor concerts in the summertime. Events at cultural centres are organised in close collaboration with Helsinki’s arts and culture sector and the residents of Helsinki.

Services offered by the City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division also include sports, youth and library services, HAM Helsinki Art Museum, the City Museum and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra.