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Getting to Annantalo

Annantalo is located in the centre of Helsinki, next to the Kamppi shopping centre, at Annankatu 30. Metro, trams and several bus lines take you right next to Annantalo or very close to it!

The main entrance for those arriving on foot is along the side of Annankatu.

There are a couple of parking spaces at the back yard of Annantalo for visitors. You can access the car park through Kansakoulukatu from Kansakoulukuja. There is a gate which will be opened by the doormen once you contact them using the phone at the gate. 

The nearest public parking facility is Kamppi central parking.

An accessible entrance is located to the rear of the building, address Kansakoulukuja 2.

There are shelters for prams both in the back yard (Kansakoulukuja) and the front yard (Annankatu).

Doormen +358 (0)9 310 37185


Accessible entrance, and arrival at Annantalo

  • An accessible entrance is located to the rear of the building, on the Kansakoulukuja side, address Kansakoulukuja 2. Due to emergency access road renovations to be completed by 14 June 2023, Annantalo's south entrance is not in use. The accessible entrance is temporarily most easily reached via Kansakouluntie.
  • Doors open automatically outwards. The doormen will assist you in using the staircase lift located inside.
  • When arriving by taxi, give Kansakoulukuja, not Annankatu, as the address.
  • The back yard has about 10 parking spaces for visitors. There is a gate to the back yard. Please contact the doormen using the phone at the gate and they will open the gate for you. Unfortunately, there are no accessible parking places in the parking lot. However, accessible parking places can be reserved, by advance booking, in the parking lot.
  • The nearest public parking facility is Kamppi central parking.
  • Contacts: info / concierge +358 (0)9 310 37185 or +358 (0)40 160 3741.


  • An accessible and gender neutral toilet is located by the info desk on the first floor. The toilet's entrance has a low threshold.
  • There is no accessible entrance to the dressing rooms.
  • Many of the rooms have a 6 cm threshold at the door.
  • Accessible entrance to the hall is through the lobby by the Kansakoulukuja entrance. If you require accessible entrance to the hall, please contact the doormen. There are places for wheelchairs in the spectators' hall. When reserving tickets, please inform the organiser of the event if you need a wheelchair space.
  • The Hall is equipped with an induction loop.
  • Guide dogs are welcome!
  • A tactile map of the premises available from info / concierge
  • If necessary, we may be able to provide assistants for events and workshops. Contacts: Cultural Producer Katariina Metsälampi tel. 050 529 3672.

Doormen tel. +358 (0)9 310 37185or +358 (0)40 160 3741.

Sensory bag 

Sensory devices are aimed at children with such things as autism, attention deficit disorder or sensory processing problems. However, the child doesn't need to have any disorder if you want to borrow a sensory bag. You can borrow a sensory bag from the doorman. The bag contains objects that support concentration and following the presentation. The bags have e.g. hearing protection, Tangle fidget toys, weighted toy, and communication pictures. There are two (2) bags in total. The bag can be borrowed free of charge for the duration of the performance. 

Accessible Art Hobby

  • Annantalo is committed to promoting accessibility in all of its hobby activities.
  • We take all kinds of children into account in our art activities.
  • Families and guardians can feel safe and secure in discussing any support needs their children might have with us.
  • Our aim is for every child to experience success in our activities.

Art Education

kaisa rihtniemi

Course Secretary
Course registration and fees, other student matters
09 310 37173, 040 168 6234

​​​​​​​elisabeth vesanto

Materials, tools for arts classes, eco-support
09 310 37178, 040 334 1077​​​​​​​


Page under construction.

Roi ruuskaNEN

Cultural Producer
5x2 -art courses, art clinic, making art stuff -workshops
​​​​​​​​​​​​​09 310 37839, 040 522 9253​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


09 310 39213, 040 544 0571​​​​​​​

eeva mussaari

Head of arts education
Coordination of Annantalo arts education
09 310 37175, 040 334 1078

Promotion of children's culture



Team Leader
Culture education and projects040 662 3795


Cultural Producer
Events, summer activities,
040 186 8906​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Anna Rosendahl

Cultural Producer
Culture Kids project
​​​​​​​040 541 1574

nicolas salo

Technical Manager
Light & sound planning, stage technics
09 310 71349, 050 329 3907


katariina metsälampi

Cultural Producer
Festivals, responsible officer for performing arts
09 310 37179, 050 529 3672

harri piispanen

Cultural Producer
040 121 6753, 09 310 34560


Art Testers project
09 310 37168, 040 717 4687​​​​​

jukka järvi

Stage Manager
09 310 39212, 040 531 4898

elmer strang

Technical Assistant
​​​​​​​040 188 3416, 09 310 27694



pirjetta mulari

Chief of Children’s Culture, director of Annantalo Arts Centre
Administration, development
09 310 37174, 050 564 3553

sari paananen

Office Manager
Customer and office service
​​​​​​​09 310 79579, 040 0293562


Communications Planner
Media inquiries and contact.
​​​​​​​09 31038147, 0405460536


Project Producer
Children's culture service network survey, Culture Kids
09 310 23984, 040 358 1781​​​​​​​


Communications Specialist 
​​​​​​​Communication and marketing of cultural centres
09 310 88802, 040 192 4579

At the Door
040 160 3741, 09 310 37185