Cultural special needs youth work

The purpose of the cultural special needs youth work is the establishment of art and culture activities as part of the special needs youth work.

The purpose is in cooperation with special need youth work professionals to plan and develop a forum where the employees of various operators and parties can meet and share information and experiences. The project also includes continuing education for professionals in the field of special needs youth work and producing workshops in which professionals as well as young people with special needs can come together with the help of art and art-based procedures.

Cultural special needs youth work is promoted at the moment with Vamos youth services (Helsinki Deaconess Institute). The project offers employment opportunities for professional artists and training for professionals and volunteers that work with young people with special needs on using arts-based and creative methods in their daily life.

In cooperation with National Audiovisual Institute Kavi, Amos Rex, Q-teatteri.

More information Annantalo Arts Centre, cultural producer Kikka Hahtomaa, 050 3640803,

The Art Testers

The goal of the Art Testers project is to get all Finnish 8th-graders to experience and evaluate art, even those forms of art that many of the teens would not usually be in touch with. The project reaches (students and teachers included) approximately 200 000 persons.

Every 8th-grader in Finland will be offered the chance to visit two art institutions during 2017–2020. One of the institutions visited will be in the students’ own region, and the other either in Helsinki or elsewhere in Finland. The transportations will be arranged by train, bus or plane. The students will receive information and material about the performance, artists and form of art before they pay the visit to the institution. Arriving at the institution they will get to know how artists work, what elements are needed for preparing a performance and what happens before the artists go on stage. After the visit they share their opinions and evaluations about the performance. The feedback by the 8th-graders will be published on line, so anyone can take part of their views and get new perspectives on the performances.

The project is funded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the Swedish Cultural Foundation in Finland, and it is carried out by the Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers, who is in charge of the coordination and administration of the project. Annantalo is in charge of the coordination of the schools.

More information: Cultural Producer Mereca Victorzon, +358 (0)40 717 4687,