Future skills for children

Art-filled Journeys into the Future

Future skills and sustainable development themes are topical and important to children and young people. Through the Art-filled Journeys into the Future project, Annantalo Arts Centre wants to take the climate concerns of children and young people seriously and strengthen their faith and trust in the future.

In the project, the art educators of Annantalo hold workshops at schools and day care centres in Helsinki and produce learning materials to support the work of teachers and educators.

Futures literacy has several different aspects that include, among other things, creative and critical thinking, the ability to imagine alternative futures and the ability to recognise dynamics that affect the future. These skills are learned in the Art-filled Journeys into the Future project through art education.

Art-filled Journeys into the Future method guide was created in cooperation between Annantalo and the Futures School in 2019. All of the learning material is available through the Kultus.fi service.  The method guide Art-filled journeys into the future methods of futures education for children in lower stage comprehensive school can be downloaded in Finnish, Swedish and English through the Kultus.fi-service.

Further information: Tiina Susiluoto, tiina.susiluoto@hel.fi