The Finnish Network of Children's Cultural Centres

The Finnish Network of Children's Cultural Centres is an association for professional cultural centres for children and young people that reinforces the competence and recognition of children’s culture in Finland. The association operates as a cooperation forum of its members, manages projects and offers networking opportunities for operators in the field of children’s culture. Annantalo is a member of the association.

Children's cultural centres have cooperated at national level since 2003. Annantalo has been involved since the beginning of the year.

Small size Network

Annantalo is a member of the Artistic International Association Small Size that forms a network of some 80 theatres, art institutions and organizations in 30 countries on 4 continents. The main objective and activity of the international network is to promote and spread performing arts for early years (0-6 years), and, more generally, to support and give value to culture for the same age group. Every year at the end of January the network celebrates the small size days. Since 2016 Katariina Metsälampi from Annantalo is the chair of the association.

Annantalos´small size activity

For early childhood there are 6 groups of music and dance in Annantalo’s premises and several courses that take place in kindergartens. On Mondays the Art clinic invites families to make art, on Sundays there are free activities for families with little children and on Fridays toddlers are invited to the cinema.

Annantalo Arts Centre also arranges different events, performances and workshops for the whole family. We have a program of Artists in residence and we are running a seeding fund for productions for little children together with six other Finnish Art Centres for children.
Annantalo organizes and co-operates with performing arts festivals for children such as the Bravo!, Hurraa!, Ruutia! Sampo! and The Helsinki Festival. The Arts Centre produces its own performances for the very small ones and organizes a little festival for Small size days.