Registration and course practices

Enrolement for the Art Courses 2024-25 begins on Thu 6 June at 9.00

Annantalo art courses are intended for children and young people under the age of 19 living in Helsinki. Our course portfolio includes courses for whole year and for one period: Annantalo - Taidekurssit

Each course will begin and continue only if the number of entries in the group is sufficient. 

Registration for the next academic year's courses takes place in June. If there are vacancies in the groups, also children living in other municipalities can register, starting on 5 August. Registration for course places that may become available for the spring term and for new courses in the spring term starts as of December. Places may also become available during an academic year so it is recommended to register for the waiting list. You may enquire about places in short-term courses and other available course places all year round.

When registering for a course the student agrees to the following rules:

  • Enjoy art! 
    In Annantalo Arts Centre, we are all friends and we respect each other and each other's work. No bullying is allowed. We all have the right to work in a peaceful atmosphere.  We do not let the phones disturb working, so we use the mobile phone only after the teacher's instruction. In Annantalo, you can devote yourself to your hobby.
  • Commitment allowed! 
    Art course work is based on continuity, which makes commitment important. Lessons begin promptly, so please arrive on time. Remember to report any absences to your teacher.
  • Take care! 
    Clean and correctly positioned equipment and clean facilities are a prerequisite for good work. Take care of all this for your part and contribute to the cleaning effort as instructed by your teacher. Report all potentially hazardous situations to the teacher, janitor or any other adult.
  • Be seen! 
    Your work can be placed on display at Annantalo Arts Centre, for instance in exhibitions and events. You and your work can be photographed and published on Annantalo´s website and social media channels (Facebook, Istragram, Twitter). This will be discussed in advance with the group’s teacher.  ​​​​​​Student and his/hers guardian can a prohibit photographing, publishing and presenting of the student and his/hers artwork with a separate form.  Permission for photography here. The prohibition is valid one education year or until otherweise cancelled. Without the separate prohibition Annantalo sees the right for photographing. presenting and publishing being granted. 

Course places available in July!

Annantalo’s summer art courses are inspiring one-week-long courses. We offer summer courses for children aged 7–9 and 10–12. The courses consist of 4 hours of instruction per day. The courses also include daily lunch.

The summer courses combine different forms of art and involve working in both Annantalo’s art classrooms and outdoors in the vicinity of Annantalo. The language of instruction of the courses is Finnish.

Go to Course Porfolio: Annantalo - Art Courses.

The summer course fee is EUR 155, which includes daily lunch.

You will need online banking credentials to register for the courses. The course fee is paid in connection with registration.


Children living in Helsinki can engage in art as a hobby even if their families are short on money. You can apply for exemption from the course fee until Sunday 21 April 2024. Apply for exemption from the course fee here.

The City of Helsinki does not insure the children participating in courses.

Those who register for the courses will be provided with additional information via email in May.

Annantalo - Art Courses.


Cultural Producer Marianne Turtio (course activities) tel. +358 40 188 3416, email

    Art courses are also available to children and young people with special needs.

    Please note! Students may enrol in two courses per term.

    The City of Helsinki does not have an insurance policy for children for the duration of classes.

    For further information, please contact:
    Head of Arts Education Eeva Mussaari 040 3341078,

    Registration instructions

    Course registration takes place on this website.  There is a link to registration in connection with the information for each course. First, you must identify yourself using your online banking credentials. After that, the course place is reserved for you and you have 30 minutes to complete the registration.

    The website will notify you if the course is already full. In that case, you can register for the waiting list. When a place becomes available, we will contact you personally.

    The registration is for the whole academic year. You will receive a confirmation by email on a successful registration. The price on the courses page is for the whole year. 

    Course fees

    The course fee is paid at the same time with the enrolment.  

    Please, do not use your browser’s Incognito/Private mode if you pay with MobilePay.

    Courses for:

    • academic year (at least 30 weeks):

    90 min a week: 290 euroa
    yli 90min a week: 350 euroa

    • one period (at least 15 weeks):

    90min a week: 170 euroa

    Annantalo Arts Centre can offer a tuition-free student position for children from Helsinki.

    Current term-related dates

    We have 13 lessons in the autumn term, and 15 in the spring term.

    Spring term begins Mon 15.1. and ends Fri 10.5.
    There are no classes on following dates:

    Winter holidays week 8 Mon 19.2.-23.2.
    Easter fri 29.3.-Mon 1.4.
    May Day Wed 1.5.

    The autumn term begins Mon 19.8. and ends Fri 13.12.

    There are no classes on the following dates: 

    Autumn holidays 14-19 October
    All Saints' Day Sat 2.11.
    Independence Day on Fri December 6

    Cancelling a student position and discontinuing a course

    The student or the guardian of a minor must send a written notice to the Course Secretary immediately concerning the cancelling a student position and discontinuing a course. If a student discontinues a course during the term, the course fee will not be refunded. Cancelling the student position in the turn of the year must be done before the previous term ends. If a position in a course is cancelled some other point of year it must be done at least seven working days before the start of the course to get the course refunded apart from a deduction of 15 € / course as a handling fee. In case of a discontinued course, you may apply for a refund on the payment only in exceptional cases on the basis of a medical certificate, for example.