Events throughout summer

The A.lava stage is situated behind the Annantalo Arts Centre, in the heart of Helsinki near the Kamppi shopping centre. The stage can be accessed from Annankatu or Kansakoulukatu.

A.lava is in use mainly during summertime from the end of May until the end of August, and the stage is used to offer free-of-charge events especially for families, children and young people.  The venue will host theatre, movies, open art workshops for children and young people, concerts, open stage events and holiday events for the whole family.

The most fun community garden in Helsinki is a place open for everyone to learn about gardening, grow genuinely local organic food, and enjoy the inspirational environment. The community garden consists primarily of a garden of boxes, a field, a small wild flower meadow and a beehive. 

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A.lava was created in collaboration

A.lava was designed and built in 2016–2017 by a group of international students from Aalto University’s Wood Program at the Department of Architecture. The stage design is based on the variations of triangle and square shapes. The stage opens up in three directions. There are benches for the audience and they can be shifted as needed. The stage is a demonstration of innovative wood architecture and it has been admired by many interested people since its completion. The stage’s opening ceremony took place in May 2017.

Further information about the architecture and building process