Premises and hiring


The auditorium in Annantalo is hired out (online reservation below). Reservations are to be made 5 days before desired date.

Classrooms ansd the hall are in principle reserved for our own use but you may also enquire about the availability of them as well on weekdays 

The gallery is reserved only for our own use.

Annantalo is alcohol- and smoke-free also during hired events.


Annantalo auditorium is an affordable venue for meetings and seminars in the centre of Helsinki with room for 50 people. Reservations are to be made 5 days before desired date.

Equipment: a video projector with HDMI connection, a network connection. Note! The lessee is responsible for the equipment and implementation of the streaming. Enquiries related to the technique of the auditorium: Technical Manager Nicolas Salo, +358 (0)9 310 71349​​​​​​​.

Price EUR 80/hour. Cultural and art events that complement the operations of Annantalo are subject to subsidised prices under certain conditions. For more information, please contact Sari Paananen,

To be able to use the e-services, sign in to the e-services using bank identification, mobile certificate, certificate card. At the moment, the hiring is not payable with Katso ID for enterprises and organisations. 

Other premises


The Hall is located on the first floor. It is in our own use mainly but you may also enquire about the availability from

The maximum capacity of the assembly hall is 80 people.

Cultural and arts events EUR 50/hour
Other use EUR 120/hour
Practice and set up use EUR 30/hour

Exhibition rooms

Exhibitions at Annantalo always deal with topics that are relevant for children and young people, and their objective is to provide art education. The gallery is reserved for Annantalo’s own use. Smaller exhibitions can be held in the glazed areas at the ends of the 2nd floor and in the corridor. The exhibitions are produced mainly by Annantalo or in cooperation with other operators. In addition, the café is suitable for illustration exhibitions, for example. Suggestions that meet the above criteria can be sent to Harri Piispanen, Cultural Producer, who is responsible for the exhibitions,

Other facilities

Art classrooms are located on the first and the second floor; the ceramics class is in the basement. Studio Anna can be accessed through the café. 

The A-lava stage in the yard can be booked.