Why Annantalo?

The Foundation of our Art Education

At the art classes in Annantalo, children and young people who live in Helsinki have a chance to immerse themselves in the goal-oriented study of various art forms. There are no entrance exams and children can start at any age. The multidisciplinary arts centre always offers an opportunity for the interaction of arts subjects!

During art classes, students work in small groups and learn the expressive language and techniques of art. A student can either focus on the arts subject they have selected or explore several subjects with the help of a multidisciplinary arts carousel, for example. Children and young people who need special support are also welcome.

Art educators at Annantalo are professionals in their fields. Education does not follow the objectives of basic art education but art teachers are responsible for their own curriculum and its content. The teaching will reflect the art teachers' personal and professional relationships with art. Teaching may also follow a common theme selected for a term.

The diversity of cultures and identities is taken into account in the activities of Annantalo and in the contents of art education. Annantalo is an open and safe arts centre for everyone, and the principles of a safe space are followed.


Accessible Art Hobby

Annantalo is committed to promoting accessibility in all of its hobby activities.

  • We take all kinds of children into account in our art activities.
  • Families and guardians can feel safe and secure in discussing any support needs their children might have with us.
  • Our aim is for every child to experience success in our activities.

When it comes to the art education that we offer, our values include: respecting each other and the work of others, ensuring that no bullying occurs, and promoting everyone’s right to work in a peaceful environment. 
Many of our art courses are open to children and young people who require some form of special support.

  • We actively expand our skills in working with children requiring special support and/or are prepared to explore ways to make our activities even more inclusive.
  • Guardians can feel safe and secure in talking to us openly and in full confidence about their child’s needs.
  • Children may be accompanied during hobbies by an assistant, parent or other adult close to them. However, we ask that the course secretary is notified of this in advance. Children’s assistants can always attend for free.
  • We provide and disseminate clear information about the accessibility of our activities and facilities. Accessibility information
  • There are no entrance exams required to access our art education.
  • We seek to ensure that income level is not a barrier to enjoying art hobbies. Please contact us if you wish to apply for an exemption from the art course fee.
  • Our aim is for every child to experience success in our activities.