The city as a learning environment

Helsinki cultural education forum

A large proportion of Finnish artists operate in Helsinki and the Helsinki Metropolitan Area; the range of operators in the fields of arts and culture is also diverse and extensive. The artistic and cultural operators in Helsinki offer groups of children an opportunity to experience different kinds of places, content and methods of art and culture. This provides an amazing framework for experiencing art and culture in different ways.

It is important to make it possible for children and young people, too, to have art and cultural experiences. The best way to reach this target group is through schools and early childhood education and care.

The City of Helsinki Culture and Leisure Division organises a cultural education forum twice a year together with the Education Division. It promotes meetings and dialogue between educators and operators in the fields of arts and culture, which makes it a joint learning and development event.

The themes of the meetings focus on current issues in cultural education. Talks by actors in the cultural field are heard in the forums, expert knowledge is studied carefully, and the participants network and work together.

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