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Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers – Annantalo is involved!

The Association of Finnish Children’s Cultural Centers promotes the professional cultural centres for children and adolescents as well as the visibility and competence of the field of children’s culture nationwide. Every year, the Association organises a National Children’s Culture Forum and offers networking opportunities for operators in the field of children’s culture.

In order to increase the amount of high-quality children’s culture and its appreciation, the Association starts and coordinates national and international cooperation and other projects, in which its members can participate. A key objective is to develop children’s culture activities that are equal and support well-being throughout the country.

The Association has published a children’s culture quality manual (in Finnish), which helps to examine and reflect on the realisation of quality in children’s culture work. As a member of the Association, Annantalo Arts Centre has committed to the quality factors in the manual; they include child-orientation, professionalism, accessibility, cooperation and an experiential approach.

The Association has put together an interesting showcase of art and children’s culture for children, families and educators at the address

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Head Culture Producer Tiina Susiluoto,

Photo: Mikael Ahlfors