Cultural events for schools and kindergartens at one address

More than 200 operators in the field of art and culture use Kultus to post information on their events, workshops and various community projects for comprehensive schools, day care centres and upper secondary schools. Kultus also provides information on seminars, training sessions and briefings for teachers.

The content in Kultus is designed to be a part of the everyday operations of early childhood education and care as well as educational institutions. You can search for content suitable for teaching and art-based learning environments based on the age group, phenomenon, broad-based competence or subject, for example. You can find support for learning mathematics at a concert, language learning can get a boost from a theatrical performance, and an art exhibition may give insights into biology! We welcome you to learn more about what Kultus offers via the newsletter (in Finnish)! https://www.kultus.fi/fi/tilaa-uutiskirje

Further information: Cultural Producer Katri Aikio, +358(0)40 486 6968 katri.aikio@hel.fi

Picture: Red Nose Company: Frankenstein, credit Tero Ahonen. Actors: Tuukka Vasama (Frankenstein) and Timo Ruuskanen (monster)
Picture on page Projects: Early One Morning Eternity Sculpture Jacob Dahlgren, credit HAM Maija Toivanen