Why Annantalo?

The foundation of our art education

At the art classes in Annantalo, children and young people who live in Helsinki have a chance to immerse themselves in the goal-oriented study of various art forms. There are no entrance exams and children can start at any age. The multidisciplinary arts centre always offers an opportunity for the interaction of arts subjects!

Art education in Annantalo varies from intensive short-term courses to groups that continue every year. During art classes, students work in small groups and learn the expressive language and techniques of art. A student can either focus on the arts subject they have selected or explore several subjects with the help of a multidisciplinary arts carousel, for example. Children and young people who need special support are also welcome.

Art teachers at Annantalo are artists and/or art teachers. Education does not follow the objectives of basic art education but art teachers are responsible for their own curriculum and its content. The teaching will reflect the art teachers' personal and professional relationships with art. Teaching may also follow a common theme selected for a term.